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Ridgepoint Homes Limited creates unique new residential and mixed-use developments across London and the South East. It has a reputation for regenerating redundant sites and transforming them into distinctive and vibrant apartments and houses.
In order to provide you with the highest level of service we can we will need to collect and process personal data; this document explains how we go about this important aspect of our business, and how we protect your personal data and privacy whilst recognising the requirements of the latest legislation.
Please read this document carefully as it contains important information for you.

Why we collect personal data

Ridgepoint needs to collect and process personal data like yours so that we can:

  • Help you buy the house or apartment you want, and support you through the process from first contact to when we give you the keys to your new home;
  • Ensure the effective running of our business;
  • Meet our obligations, such as with financial records, health and safety, and warranties;
  • Manage and support our employees to perform efficiently, effectively and safely; and
  • Carry out our own marketing to develop and grow the business.

Ridgepoint collects personal data directly, for example, from our customers, suppliers, contractors, business contacts and employees in the course of our normal business activities. Ridgepoint believes it can process the personal data it collects because it:

  • Has obtained the necessary consent in an appropriate manner as needed;
  • Is necessary for the development and delivery of contracts for the build and purchase of our apartments and houses;
  • Helps manage the business and our employees effectively;
  • Is needed to comply with legal obligations faced by the business; and/or
  • Is carried out as a legitimate interest of the business.

The data protection legislation allows businesses to process personal data in a number of ways including where they have a legitimate business interest (LBI). Businesses that rely on the LBI option are responsible for ensuring that the processing of that personal data does not put the individual or their rights at risk. Ridgepoint believes it can rely on such LBIs in a number of situations. For example, Ridgepoint provides those who buy an apartment or house from it with a two-year warranty so that it is important that we retain your personal data to support any activation of that warranty. Other examples of what we believe are a legitimate business interest are:

  • Maintaining on-going relationships with suppliers and other professionals;
  • The maintenance of a suppression list to ensure the rights of data subjects are met; and
  • To protect our business from any possible legal actions.

We have carried out legitimate interest assessments (LIAs) as outlined in the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We will review these assessments as part of our annual audit on our approach to protecting personal data.

Where Ridgepoint has sought your specific consent to process your personal data, for example as part of our website contact form, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time simply by contacting us as described in the subsequent section entitled “How we recognise your rights”.

What personal data we collect

Ridgepoint typically collects the full range of standard personal identifying data sets from you as customers, and others, such as:

  • Name;
  • Postal address, email address, telephone numbers;
  • Social media and website addresses – where appropriate;
  • Business/organisation name and job title – where appropriate; and
  • Standard employment related personal data – where appropriate.

We do not collect any sensitive data (as defined by Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation) from you as a customer; however, it can be necessary for the effective management of our employees and contractors. If such data are so needed, then we will put in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure their protection.

How we collect your personal data

Ridgepoint collects personal data in one or more of the following ways:

  • Customers visiting our show rooms and show houses, making an appointment, requesting a call back and/or a brochure;
  • Customers completing our website contact form;
  • Customers then requesting information about other property developments and services including offers, promotions and our newsletter;
  • Business relationships with our suppliers, contractors, and other business contacts; and
  • Managing our relationships with our employees.

What we do with your personal data

Ridgepoint uses the personal data it collects, processes and retains to, for example:

  • Provide you with the services you need to purchase one of our apartments or houses;
  • Maintain warranties for your property;
  • Pay our suppliers for goods and services received;
  • Meet our legal obligations as a private limited company; and
  • Market our own business.

What personal data we might share

If Ridgepoint needs to work with third parties, such as estate agents, then they may have access to your personal data but only to the extent needed to do their work for us. If required to do so by law, we may need to disclose your personal data to the police.

How we protect, store and dispose of your personal data

Ridgepoint protects the personal data that it collects, processes, stores and retains by:

  • Employing a level of security at its facilities and sites, and on its equipment appropriate to the data protection risk;
  • Only using software products from reputable providers;
  • Carrying out all its banking activities via its on-line account;
  • Disposing of all confidential paper waste by using shredding; and
  • Putting in place all reasonable organisational steps to ensure the integrity of such personal data.

How long we keep your personal data

Ridgepoint will only keep your personal data for as long as one of the following apply:

  • You are an active customer including any warranty period;
  • You are an active supplier, contractor, or other business contact;
  • You are an employee;
  • We are required to so by law; or
  • We need that data to support our legitimate business interests, as explained above.

Ridgepoint will carry out a data cleansing exercise every year to remove any personal data that it no longer needs.

How we recognise your rights

As a data subject you have certain rights. If you wish to access any of these rights, then please contact Ridgepoint either via the following email address:

[email protected]

It would be helpful to use the heading “Subject Access Request” in the form’s “Subject” Field.
Or by writing to Ridgepoint at:

Terriers House
Amersham Road
High Wycombe
HP13 5AJ

Again, it would be helpful if you would mark your letter with the heading “Subject Access Request”.

How to complain

If you are unhappy with how Ridgepoint has used your personal data please get in touch using the email address described in the section above, or by writing to the address above. You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, whose contact details are on their website:

How we use your data to market our business

Ridgepoint may wish to provide you with information about some of the property developments it provides or is planning to provide to its customers, or other recent and relevant developments. Ridgepoint will only do so if it has your consent or it considers such an activity is in the legitimate interests of the development of its business. If Ridgepoint does contact you on such a basis then it will always offer you the opportunity to tell it that you do not want to receive any further such information.

It is Ridgepoint’s policy not to purchase marketing lists rather it will rely in this instance on the following sources of personal data:

  • Existing customers;
  • Website - with potential customers contacting the business directly;
  • Contact forms - completed on-site by potential customers; and/or
  • Reservation forms (pre-purchase) direct or via an estate agent.

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